Kelle B Jammin’

“I can’t just jam a few days a week. I wanna jam every day!” She’s hip, she’s innovative, she’s passionate: Meet Kelle Barnard, who ‘b jammin’’ all day, errday.  In an era where making jam seems to be a dying craft, Kelle B. Jammin’ is bringing back the spirit of using local products to create […]

Whiskful Thinking-A Whole Foods Bakery

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”-Ben Franklin  Meet Deb Hendley, creator and baker at Whiskful Thinking-A Whole Foods Bakery. With a menu full of goodies from cookies, to scones, to chocolate cake, Whiskful Thinking can provide delightful sweet treats that you wouldn’t believe are vegan, organic, gluten-free and HEALTHY for you! […]

Local Business Series: Scott’s Gourmet Salsa

Are you truly a Texan if you don’t like salsa?  It’s the conversation starter at a BBQ, the beautifully spicy centerpiece at a Super Bowl party, the zesty, rich topping to any solid chip, taco, or burger. Oh…and it’s fresh and healthy. WIN-WIN! Dr. Scott Howard has a successful career as a full-time chiropractor in […]

Local Business Series: Triple J Chophouse-Brewery

“Well crafted beer & damn good food.” Famous for being one of Lubbock’s first brewery pubs, Triple J Chophouse is a local eatery and brewery in the heart of the downtown Depot District. The Chophouse boasts juicy, hand-cut steak dinners, fan-favorite lunch menus, and refreshingly crisp brews. Not only is the food & beer fantastic; […]

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