Local Business Series: Triple J Chophouse-Brewery

“Well crafted beer & damn good food.”

Famous for being one of Lubbock’s first brewery pubs, Triple J Chophouse is a local eatery and brewery in the heart of the downtown Depot District. The Chophouse boasts juicy, hand-cut steak dinners, fan-favorite lunch menus, and refreshingly crisp brews. Not only is the food & beer fantastic; Triple J prides itself in employing local Texas Tech students (about 90% of the staff) and supports local musicians and artists, featuring live music Tuesday through Saturday.

Since August of 2006, Triple J has been the place to take a first date to dinner on the town, gather for a Saturday afternoon brew, or enjoy live music while sipping on fine wine.

“When Hub City Brewery closed, there was this beautiful historic building with world class brewing equipment left behind. It was important for us that the Chophouse remains a locally-owned business, so we decided to try our hand at managing a brewery!” says Tish Keller, co-owner with husband, Joe Keller, and Mother-in-law, Joyce Bigham (Owner of Bigham’s BBQ).


Did you know Triple J and Bigham’s are operated by the same owners? Well, now you do! Triple J Chophouse may owe much of its success to Joe Teller and Joyce Bigham’s experience in the restaurant business for nearly 40 years.

“Joe had worked in the BBQ since he was 15. When his father, Don passed away, Joe helped Joyce keep the business open. There are now three locations in Lubbock!”



In addition to providing Lubbock area folks with fresh, quality eating and entertainment, Triple J and Bigham’s BBQ have a history rich in employee appreciation. “Our bartender has been around for 11 years. Joe Smith, our manager at Bigham’s, hasn’t left us for 24 years. It’s not uncommon for employees to stick with us for the long haul, and we sincerely appreciate that. We are proud to be a tight-knit community.”

The employees enjoy working there and the customers flock to various locations for yummy lunch and dinner menus. “Our number one seller at the Chophouse is a honey pecan, salmon salad. We have tried changing it, but the regulars object!”


Other favorites include: HCB (hub city brewer’s pot pie) carried over from Hub City Brewery; anchovy filet; wood-fired pizza, and burgers.

When asked what the go-to brew was, Tish ponders for a moment. “Wow. They are all popular! We have the regulars-Windmill Wheat and Raider Red…about five brews always on tap. Then of course, we have seasonal beers.”

Ever heard of Oktoberfest? Yeah…Triple J goes all out for that festival, each year hosting an event with live German music, keg tapping, and staff dressed in Dirndl and Lederhosen.


Another cool thing: When asked about the goals of the company, Tish says, “We are working towards using more local product. We have a small-scale herb farm, so that’s a start. We want to serve healthy food. We wouldn’t serve something at the restaurants that we wouldn’t serve at home.”

If you haven’t had the chance to taste beers on tap at Triple J or devour a turkey stuffed baked potato at Bigham’s BBQ, we encourage you to visit both! Triple J Chophouse has regular happy hours, lunch specials, and don’t forget live music! Don’t miss the smoky burgers on Wednesdays at Bighams, or the mouth-watering BBQ plate of your choice! 

For more information, be sure to follow Triple J Chophouse on Facebook, or visit their website (make a reservation before visiting; they are always swamped!) and find locations on Bigham’s website.

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