Local Business Series: Scott’s Gourmet Salsa

Are you truly a Texan if you don’t like salsa? 

It’s the conversation starter at a BBQ, the beautifully spicy centerpiece at a Super Bowl party, the zesty, rich topping to any solid chip, taco, or burger.

Oh…and it’s fresh and healthy. WIN-WIN!

Dr. Scott Howard has a successful career as a full-time chiropractor in Lubbock, TX. But like many of us, Scott has a love for good tastin’ salsa. What started as a hobby turned into a label that is known in the great state of Texas as Scott’s Gourmet Salsa.

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I had the chance to visit with Scott about his hit product, which I’ve seen at local Market Streets. “It kind of started as a hobby. I love cooking, and I started making salsa years ago. My friends and patients often raved about the Texan at get-togethers. I had them help taste-test and provide feedback for various flavors. Last January, I met with a distributor and now it’s available in several stores across Texas.” Scott has a secret recipe, makes his own labels, and has created five flavors that can be found in stores around Texas:


  • The Texan: Fan-favorite! The first, the trail blazer, the salsa that paved the way for new flavors. Bold, savory flavor; moderate in heat.
  • HOT: The Texan times two. Loaded with extra peppers and spices that loosen the sinuses.
  • Mild: Nothing spicy. Robust flavor with hefty texture like the rest.
  • Savory: Medium warmth, similar to The Texan, only richer!
  • Fiesta: Sweet! Slight zing of Cinnamon; perfect for festive holiday celebrations.

Dr. Howard appreciates the nutritional value in food preparation and consumption. “Health is important to me, obviously. And I’m proud to say that my products are full of healthy, fresh foods. No added sweeteners or fillers; no MSG or preservatives. Just fresh vegetables.”



There’s no better way to kick off a party than breakin’ out the salsa! You can pick up your flavor of choice at these locations: Farmers Pantry, Market Street, Healthy Meals To Go, Drug Emporium, and Lowe’s.

Also, be sure to visit Scott at the West End Farmers Market, located in front of the Nike store at the West End Center. You can catch the market on Saturday mornings from 9:30am-12pm. 

For online orders: visit the website Scott’s Gourmet Salsa or find them on Facebook.

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