Kelle B Jammin’


“I can’t just jam a few days a week. I wanna jam every day!”

She’s hip, she’s innovative, she’s passionate: Meet Kelle Barnard, who ‘b jammin’’ all day, errday. 

In an era where making jam seems to be a dying craft, Kelle B. Jammin’ is bringing back the spirit of using local products to create superbly delicious and original jams, BBQ sauces, salts and rubs. From Strawberry Vanilla Bean to Cranberry Jalepeno, at any one time, Kelle B has nearly 50 flavors of jams on hand, along with 8 to 10 seasoned salt flavors and BBQ sauces.

What began as a hobby has bloomed into Kelle’s full time career.

“I started making jam about six years ago. A friend had me over to make jam, and I wasn’t really into it at first, until I started stirring the pot, and the experience was so calming. It was wonderful!”



From that moment on, Kelle began experimenting with flavors and advertising her products to close friends on social media. Her followers wondered, “How can we get MORE?!” Kelle soon began selling at the Lubbock Downtown Farmer’s Market, and launched her annual Holiday Jamboree, where families could come taste the many flavors of jam.

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With large success, Kelle had created the demand to make more product. Fortunately, she had a friend who allowed her to work in her commercial kitchen once a week. “It was busy! The wholesale orders started coming in, from McPherson Cellars, Honey Glazed Ham Company, Barque (more here). “It organically grew from there, and I’m happy to announce that just recently, I got into United Market Streets! You can find my products in the Dish Gift section. With that order of 1,500 jars, I knew it was time for more room.”


Kelle moved into her new space in October 2017. “It’s funny because I never thought this would be a business. I graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in Interior Design. When I graduated right after 9/11, there weren’t many jobs. I joked to my dad, ‘I’m going to start my own business!’” Kelle had success as a decorator, and still pursues that as a consultant while building Kelle B Jammin.


“My mother didn’t jam, but my grandmother and great aunts did. So in a way, I feel like I’m reaching back in history and keeping their story alive. I love working with local farmers and bringing back a tradition that was at the brink of extinction. In a craftsman manner, we’re keeping it unique and special—I’m glad to have my little part in it.”


Be sure to head out to Kelle B’s for her Holiday Jamboree on December 8th, 2017 at 10AM at her new location: 5507 126th St #215 Lubbock, TX 79424.

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You can also order online, or join the Jam of the Month Club at, through Facebook, or reach Kelle at 806.781.7785. Get your jam on!

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