Whiskful Thinking-A Whole Foods Bakery

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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”-Ben Franklin 

Meet Deb Hendley, creator and baker at Whiskful Thinking-A Whole Foods Bakery. With a menu full of goodies from cookies, to scones, to chocolate cake, Whiskful Thinking can provide delightful sweet treats that you wouldn’t believe are vegan, organic, gluten-free and HEALTHY for you!


“We all like something sweet! But it doesn’t have to be bad for you.” Deb has been a nurse for over 40 years, experiencing first hand the health issues that take the lives of so many innocent people. Working as a wellness counselor at Covenant Hospital for 13 years now, Deb says, “You know, we need to be proactive. We can prevent health threats like diabetes and heart disease.” 


That’s why she decided to become vegan, choosing to clean her diet and put health first. “I’ve seen too many patients neglect their health, and it doesn’t have to be that way.”


After years of ‘vegan-izing’ her own food, Deb decided to start a business. “I’ve dreamed of opening my own bakery since I was a little girl. I have pictures of bakeries in France, ideas on my wall of what my ‘dream’ would become.”


The bakery didn’t happen overnight, however. “I spent many nights with a mixing bowl! I’d substitute products like coconut sugar, flax meal, apple sauce, agave, etc. until I felt like the taste was there.” Deb also uses products from her local garden, like fresh zucchini for her delicious zucchini bread, which I had the pleasure of devouring soon after our meeting.


Deb goes on to say, “I started out by identifying pilot groups who could serve as taste-testers. The groups consisted of local bankers, insurance agents, covenant doctors and nurses. I would spend all night preparing brownies, scones, muffins…and deliver them to my pilot groups to taste. I even created a survey. The last question was “Would you buy this?” I was a bit surprised at the blunt responses of my taste-testers…’No!'”


“Some of the responses to my baked goods were negative at first, likely because the items were not sweet enough: That didn’t deter Deb! She worked until recipes were perfected, and taste-tester approved.


In 2014, Deb began selling at the Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market. She also takes special orders and will provide your goodies for occasions like weddings and birthdays.


Deb continues to serve the Lubbock and surrounding community as a Nuclear Cardiologist Nurse at Covenant Hospital. “When I’m not at the hospital or taking care of grandchildren, I am in the kitchen making healthy goodies!” Deb has a variety of products. Some of the local favorites include: oatmeal cookies, cinnamon-pecan scones, and chocolate brownies.


“My goal is to get non-vegans to try it and LOVE it…without telling them that the product is entirely plant-based; no artificial flavoring, all organic, no preservatives. I’m willing to ‘vegan-ize’ anything and ensure it tastes like a treat!”


Take a look at Whiskful Thinking Facebook to get your mouth watering! For orders, message Deb on Facebook, or you can reach her at 806-544-5522. You can also stop by the Whiskful Thinking booth at the Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market on Saturdays from 9am-sell out!

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