The Freshest Coffee This Side of the Llano

Real. Good. Coffee. Meet Zane and Zach, owners of Gold Stripe Coffee Roasters in Lubbock, TX. The two brothers are changing the game of what quality coffee means in our region, roasting fresh coffee beans on site, offering the

Got Milk? Coursey Family Farm Goat Dairy

Goats: The cure for all things, like, ever.  Itchy Skin? Try homemade soap. Grumbly tummy? Try goat milk. Need a good laugh? GOATS.   Thanks to local dairy goat farmers, Mike and Annette Coursey, of Coursey Family Farm, the Llano Estacado has access to fresh goat milk, yogurt and kefir, and nourishing soaps and body […]

Whiskful Thinking-A Whole Foods Bakery

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”-Ben Franklin  Meet Deb Hendley, creator and baker at Whiskful Thinking-A Whole Foods Bakery. With a menu full of goodies from cookies, to scones, to chocolate cake, Whiskful Thinking can provide delightful sweet treats that you wouldn’t believe are vegan, organic, gluten-free and HEALTHY for you! […]

Local Producer Series: E3 Farm

When he’s not ranking in the top 10 at Texas FFA agronomy competitions, playing baritone in his marching band, attending networking events, or doing homework, Ethan Carter is building a business with his hands in the soil. At the youthful age of 15, Ethan has delved into a full-time project that has exceeded his expectations, […]

Wolf Creek Farms and Ravenhouse Bakery

“I’ve got all of that property out there…wonder what I could do with it?” -Wolf Kuhlemeier, 2008 Fast forward to 2017, when Wolf and Alex Kuhlemeier have proven themselves pioneers as local producers in the Llano Estacado region. As a co-founder and past President of the West Texas Growers and Producers Association, Wolf is a […]

Local Bakeries 101: Jimenez Bakery & Restaurant

  One of the most well represented food cultures in this part of the country is authentic mexican. Authentic mexican food runs so deep in our roots that every single one of our main streets have multiple successful mexican restaurants. However, what would we be without our mexican bakeries? Jimenez Bakery & Restaurant is a […]

Local Producer Series: Tománek Farms

Tománek Farms is no stranger to the game. Starting in 1921, the family has been farming on the same land in Gilliand, Texas. Though they began with wheat and cotton, the family has made a recent shift in their production. We got the chance to have a conversation with Sara Tománek, daughter of Joe Tománek, […]

The Local Grind: Yellow House Coffee

By now you should be familiar with our Local Grind series. And for those few who are not, for every blog in the series Local Llano takes an in-depth look into the local coffee sold on the Llano Estacado. What makes these local gems unique from national branches? This week we look at Yellow House […]

Llano Estacado Agritainment Calendar

Last week we told you about some fall fun outdoor activities, here. All those recommendations centered around locally made food and drink. This week we’re bringing you a new list of outdoor fun related to agriculture in our area. Activities centered around ag are often referred to as agritainment. In this specific instance we’re including […]

Eat, Drink, and Hang: Local Events in October

It’s no secret the weather in September and October is about the best anyone could ask for. It’s such a nice reprieve from the Llano Estacado’s dog days of summer. When September rolls around, we’re ready for outdoor activities, and these are a few of the best we found. This is a quick list of events […]

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