Local Bakeries 101: Jimenez Bakery & Restaurant



One of the most well represented food cultures in this part of the country is authentic mexican. Authentic mexican food runs so deep in our roots that every single one of our main streets have multiple successful mexican restaurants. However, what would we be without our mexican bakeries? Jimenez Bakery & Restaurant is a Lubbock staple and has been since 1969. Located downtown on historic Crickets Ave. this place howls stories of Lubbock’s hispanic culture.


Founded by Lucio Jimenez in 1969, Jimenez Bakery’s story is the American dream in living color. Encountering countless obstacles, Lucio fought to get his bakery up and running. In true Lubbock fashion, he was able to build a business that has and will be passed down for generations.

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One of my fondest memories growing up is of my parents getting conchas, marranitos, and empanadas to share over coffee with house guests, a ritual I have kept in my adult years. There is nothing like a fresh concha and hot coffee with good friends. A tradition that is known all too well at Jimenez.

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The restaurant is vibrant with smells and culture. If you stop by for breakfast on a saturday morning, you can usually catch a man with a guitar serenading tables as you enjoy your meal. If you don’t have time to sit, it is also the place to stop downtown for a quick burrito on the go. The essence of our hispanic community echoes through the dining room and you can expect children and parents alike with their eyes glazing, mouths watering, and noses sniffing as their bread order is bagged.


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Words don’t seem to express the wonder that is Jimenez bakery, so I implore you to stop by and sit down for a meal. Just don’t forget the bread on your way out!



Jimenez’s Hours of operations are:


Monday – Saturday 7 am – 6 pm


Monday – Friday 7 am – 3 pm

Saturday 7 am –  2 pm

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