Local Producer Series: Tománek Farms

Tománek Farms is no stranger to the game. Starting in 1921, the family has been farming on the same land in Gilliand, Texas. Though they began with wheat and cotton, the family has made a recent shift in their production. We got the chance to have a conversation with Sara Tománek, daughter of Joe Tománek, who told us all about the family business.


When the farm came into the hands of Sara and her father, they discussed the options of doing something totally new. After discussion, they decided to incorporate herbs and handmade products into their business.


As of now, Sara shared with us that they have about 700 lavender bunches with 3 different varieties, 83 rosemary plants with options and plans to expand. Sara told us that though she’s always enjoyed being outside, she didn’t have a particular interest in farming until last summer.



It was inevitable for the family to continue with farming and Sara took the initiative to make it their own. With that, since Sara has moved to Lubbock, she has begun to grow locally in Lubbock as well as what comes from their farm in Gilliand.




All of Tománek Farms’ plants are as chemical-free as possible. They use organic seeds and soil and maintain that organic trend as much as they can.


Sara told us that she’s been in Lubbock for 9 years and she doesn’t plan to leave. She loves what she does through growing local herbs and using them for handmade products. She loves the community that is found in Lubbock and how supportive the other producers are throughout the area.


You can find Tománek Farms at the farmer’s market periodically. Along with the Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market, they have attended the one in Vernon, since it is in close vicinity to their original farm.


She shared with us that the community that they feel around them at the farmers markets and within the producing realm is unmatched. Everyone helps everyone set up, everyone has support for their local partners. It’s not competition around here, they’re all working toward the same goal and it’s recognized when you visit the markets.


Sara mentioned that she loves this endeavor because it gives her time to spend with her family. She reminisced with us about harvesting herbs with her family, sweetly remembering that her grandmother harvested circles around all of them!


Though they are new to this type of producing, Sara is excited about the future of Tománek Farms. They make all kinds of interesting products to sell when they attend the farmer’s markets. Some of her favorites include: lavender cookies—made with her homemade lavender sugar—lavender lemon bread, and homemade kolaches, a homage to their Czechoslovakian heritage.



Sara told us that they’re working on some new body products—bath soap, bath milk, etc.—and we should be looking for more!


Keep an eye on Tomanek Farms’ website and social media, including Facebook and Instagram, to see where to find them and when!

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