Local Bakeries 101: Jimenez Bakery & Restaurant

  One of the most well represented food cultures in this part of the country is authentic mexican. Authentic mexican food runs so deep in our roots that every single one of our main streets have multiple successful mexican restaurants. However, what would we be without our mexican bakeries? Jimenez Bakery & Restaurant is a […]

Local Bakeries 101: Prairie Mom

Prairie Mom A.K.A mom, wife, or on occasion Connie Burt, is a local baker. She prepares breads, treats, jams, and more. She is a true local llano bread baker hailing from the prairies of Littlefield. You can find her at the Farmer’s Pantry, Facebook, and on her website. Stay tuned to her Facebook and website […]

New Year: Pledge Local

You’re not alone if you make resolutions for the New Year. From starting a fitness program to set a weight loss goal to be more productive at work are just some of the many resolutions that people will make in 2018. If you’re looking for a resolution that’s healthy and helps the community, however, then […]

A Local Holiday Season

With our countdown to Thanksgiving being just a week away, we have officially entered the holiday season! If you’re hosting family and friends for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, or any holiday parties, you might be feeling some stress to get everything ready in time. Don’t fret, locavores, we put together some tips to make your […]

Farmers Market Forever

Forget farmers market season, we just entered the world of farmers market forever. Just as you thought farmers market season was over, Lubbock is unveiling a new idea: Indoor, year-round farmers markets! Farmers market season is every locavores favorite time of year. Now, you needn’t wait for any season because West Texas Growers and Producers […]

Local Producers: Pumpkin Edition

Tis the season of pumpkins!   Every year around Halloween, pumpkins start popping up everywhere. Of course, you can go to an everyman’s grocery store and pick out a pumpkin from the bin, but what’s more satisfying than getting a local pumpkin from a farm you can visit yourself?   Around here, there are a […]

Toasting Pepitas

Tis the season for ghosts, ghouls, and EVERYTHING pumpkin. One of our favorite simple, tasty, and local autumn snacks is toasted pumpkin seeds! Toasting your own pumpkin seeds is as easy as pie.  Speaking of pumpkins and pie, here’s a great recipe for one of our fall-favorites!   Your first step is to pick your perfect […]

Raising Locavores: Kids & The Farmers Market

Coming up with inventive, entertaining family activities in the summer can be a daunting challenge. If you’re seeking an activity that will be enriching for the whole family—without driving out of town—look no further! Taking your kids to the farmer’s market on a regular basis is a great way to get out of the house, […]

The Local Bite: Cocina de La Sirena

With all of the local hubbub as of late, we’ve been really into the freshness of some of our local restaurants. One of the best places to eat fresh, creative, and innovative local plates is Cocina de La Sirena located in Cactus Alley in Lubbock.   The two that opened the restaurant—Cat Traxler along with […]

The Pickle and the Pig

This summer we’re kicking off our series on all of the Llano Estacado’s best local restaurants. This week is a big one for The Local Bite with the soft and grand opening of the Pickle and the Pig’s dinner hours.   The Pickle and the Pig is located in downtown Lubbock inside the Legacy Event […]

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