Farmers Market Forever

Forget farmers market season, we just entered the world of farmers market forever. Just as you thought farmers market season was over, Lubbock is unveiling a new idea: Indoor, year-round farmers markets!

Farmers market season is every locavores favorite time of year. Now, you needn’t wait for any season because West Texas Growers and Producers Association is here to save the day. This market will be open three days a week all year-round!


Lucinda Mann, of Juicy Lucy’s Veggies, told us that when they decided to open their Farmers Pantry, they deemed their mission “to provide, educate, and expand edible agriculture in our area.” They want to give the public an opportunity to have fresh food and products at their fingertips all year! Not to mention the extra revenue for farmers and producers help support the surrounding community.


The community is important to our Farmers Pantry. Not only do they sell fresh and local produce, but they have also locally made products like soaps and baked goods from some of our favorite bakeries around here.


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Lucinda shared with us that they were able to get started so quickly with the help and support of Dr. Lillian Cho of Lubbock Wellness Clinic and the Remax Realtors David and Julie. And of course, the commitment from the WTGPA’s hard-working members that grow the fresh foods is what the market thrives on.


At the Farmers Pantry you can find fresh seasonal veggies, beef, pork, eggs, milk, cheese, baked breads, vegan baked goods, gluten-free baked goods, honey, jams, pickles, organic tortillas, handmade soaps, personal body products, laundry soap, country handmade crafts and (believe it or not) more!


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This weekend, the Farmers Pantry is hosting its Grand Opening on Friday and Saturday, and when you stop by and check in on Facebook, your name gets entered to win a basket from the market! Our only question is how many times can we check in!


The Farmers Pantry is located at 4843 W. 50th st. and is open weekly Thursday – Saturday 10 am – 6 pm. Click on the links to check out their list of vendors and products!

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