Got Milk? Coursey Family Farm Goat Dairy

Goats: The cure for all things, like, ever.  Itchy Skin? Try homemade soap. Grumbly tummy? Try goat milk. Need a good laugh? GOATS.   Thanks to local dairy goat farmers, Mike and Annette Coursey, of Coursey Family Farm, the Llano Estacado has access to fresh goat milk, yogurt and kefir, and nourishing soaps and body […]

Mark Your Calendars, Locavore Season is Here!

Gear up for Saturday mornings! Farmers Market Season is here! With a variety of leafy greens, fresh breads, zesty jellies and more, these markets are sure to meet your heart’s desire. Check out a schedule for markets near you:  Lubbock’s Downtown Farmers Market opened June 3rd and goes through October 28th. Market opens on Saturday mornings […]

HEY KIDS! It’s Important to Live Local.

  As you most likely know, Local Llano is proud of our region and all of the businesses and people that allow it to thrive. We enjoy sharing those characters with you because we believe in what they do and hope that they continue to excel here for generations to come. As a part of […]

Farmers Market Forever

Forget farmers market season, we just entered the world of farmers market forever. Just as you thought farmers market season was over, Lubbock is unveiling a new idea: Indoor, year-round farmers markets! Farmers market season is every locavores favorite time of year. Now, you needn’t wait for any season because West Texas Growers and Producers […]

Raising Locavores: Kids & The Farmers Market

Coming up with inventive, entertaining family activities in the summer can be a daunting challenge. If you’re seeking an activity that will be enriching for the whole family—without driving out of town—look no further! Taking your kids to the farmer’s market on a regular basis is a great way to get out of the house, […]

Eating Local: 5 More Reasons to Become a Locavore (pt. 2)

It is interesting to think about the food situation on the Llano Estacado. It is one of the most heavily-farmed regions in the world, yet most people living here generally eat foodstuffs from elsewhere. One of the things Local Llano is most passionate about is increasing access to food from our region through the information […]

Farmers Market Season on the Llano Estacado

We have experienced a season of exceptional rain here on the Panhandle High Plains. It has been years since spring showed up as it did this year, with timely moisture. It will be great to see the outcome at the local farmers market. Look for produce to be available in abundance and expect garlic, onions […]

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