HEY KIDS! It’s Important to Live Local.



As you most likely know, Local Llano is proud of our region and all of the businesses and people that allow it to thrive. We enjoy sharing those characters with you because we believe in what they do and hope that they continue to excel here for generations to come. As a part of that vision, and as parents ourselves, we understand the importance of sharing and starting traditions with our children. However, starting the conversation with children isn’t always easy–especially when resources are limited. So here is a little something for you and the kids!



Hi! My name is Jon. I have two daughters, Penelope and Daryn. We live in Lubbock and next to one of the best parks in the city. One of our favorite things to do besides playing at the park is to go to the farmers market! You might think that sounds weird or boring if you’re a bit older than my kids, but there’s actually fun for everyone at the farmers market. You think I’m joking right? Well, I’m not! Let’s talk about it:


Jon + Daryn at the Farmers Market

There’s nothing quite like a Saturday morning farmer’s market trip with my family. We roll out of bed, turn on our favorite music, and brush our teeth while we dance. You know, to shake out the “sleepies”, as my girls say. We make some breakfast, and check the fridge to make a list. Like you do for Christmas, but for all of our favorite fruits, veggies, and meats. You have probably helped mom and dad do it before going to the store. Then, we hop in the car, and the adventure begins.


Check out our farmers market/grocery list and fill it out with mom & dad!


Now, this is where it gets interesting. We love going to the farmers market because we get to buy and see things that were grown and made locally. Locally means close to home. We enjoy seeing all the colorful fruits and veggies, smelling the plants and home-made soaps, tasting the cookies and milk, and meeting all the farmers and people that grew or made the products that we love. They are some of the most important people in our community. They give us the opportunity to support our neighbors and friends while giving us tasty, healthy meals and quality products.


Buying locally is something that everyone benefits from. First of all, it’s healthy! When we buy locally we get to meet the people that made the products. They’re always nice and let us know how they made it, how long it took, and how fresh it is. Have you ever had a farmer give you a juicy red tomato at a regular grocery store and tell you he planted the seed and watered it every day? Probably not! Locally grown produce typically have more nutrition and vitamins to help us grow stronger than what you can get at your normal grocery store. One reason is that it doesn’t have to be frozen, pumped with chemicals, or travel far before you eat it. Have you ever been stuck in a car for a long time? It usually makes me tired and grumpy. Well, food does the same thing! That’s one of the reasons why locally grown produce tastes so much better!


Second of all, buying locally is great for our community! We get to pay our friends and neighbors for all of their hard work, and in return, they go back to their farms and homes to grow more! Not only does buying locally make our bodies stronger and healthier, but it also makes our community stronger and healthier. When our community is strong and healthy, that means more possibilities for kids and families. Like more parks, restaurants, and fun places for everybody! So, when we buy locally, everyone wins!


If you’re not sure where to go, here’s a list of some Farmer’s Markets in West Texas and New Mexico! A couple of them are even indoors so you can visit them year-round!



Stay tuned for more from Local Llano!


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