Whiskful Thinking-A Whole Foods Bakery

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”-Ben Franklin  Meet Deb Hendley, creator and baker at Whiskful Thinking-A Whole Foods Bakery. With a menu full of goodies from cookies, to scones, to chocolate cake, Whiskful Thinking can provide delightful sweet treats that you wouldn’t believe are vegan, organic, gluten-free and HEALTHY for you! […]

Local Bakeries 101: Jimenez Bakery & Restaurant

  One of the most well represented food cultures in this part of the country is authentic mexican. Authentic mexican food runs so deep in our roots that every single one of our main streets have multiple successful mexican restaurants. However, what would we be without our mexican bakeries? Jimenez Bakery & Restaurant is a […]

Local Bakeries 101: Prairie Mom

Prairie Mom A.K.A mom, wife, or on occasion Connie Burt, is a local baker. She prepares breads, treats, jams, and more. She is a true local llano bread baker hailing from the prairies of Littlefield. You can find her at the Farmer’s Pantry, Facebook, and on her website. Stay tuned to her Facebook and website […]

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