Pumpkin Capital USA

“There’s a pumpkin for everyone… and everything!”  On your drive up South Ralls Highway headed to Floydada, TX, you can’t miss the colorful pumpkin patches on either side of the road. Known as the Pumpkin Capital USA, Floydada, Texas has a heritage in growing uniquely edible and decorative ‘punkins’ of all kinds. Each year, Floydada […]

Jack-o-Lanterns 101

Pumpkin carving may seem simple but we’re here to tell you that in the game of yearly Jack-o-Lantern carving, it’s serious business. There’s a lot to pumpkin carving that you might not realize! Thinking deeper about something that seems so simple can expand consciousness for locality, conservation, and family-fun. History of Jack-o-Lanterns As soon as October […]

Local Producers: Pumpkin Edition

Tis the season of pumpkins!   Every year around Halloween, pumpkins start popping up everywhere. Of course, you can go to an everyman’s grocery store and pick out a pumpkin from the bin, but what’s more satisfying than getting a local pumpkin from a farm you can visit yourself?   Around here, there are a […]

Toasting Pepitas

Tis the season for ghosts, ghouls, and EVERYTHING pumpkin. One of our favorite simple, tasty, and local autumn snacks is toasted pumpkin seeds! Toasting your own pumpkin seeds is as easy as pie.  Speaking of pumpkins and pie, here’s a great recipe for one of our fall-favorites!   Your first step is to pick your perfect […]

Give Jack A Job

Do not let your pristinely carved jack-o-lantern go to waste. Local Llano has some tips to get the very most from your pumpkins before and after carving away. You know what they say, “waste not, want not” and all that environmentally friendly jazz. Here at Local Llano, we are big fans of getting every bit of use from […]

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