Growing an Indoor Tea Garden (and Brewing Tea)

The health benefits of tea have been much-publicized in recent years, and with good reason. No matter how you prefer it – black, green, white – tea is packed with nutrients and antioxidants and even provides a small boost of caffeine. herbal-tea-herbs-tee-mint-159203.jpg But tea is hardly a new trend. People have been cultivating and brewing […]

Local Producer Series: Tománek Farms

Tománek Farms is no stranger to the game. Starting in 1921, the family has been farming on the same land in Gilliand, Texas. Though they began with wheat and cotton, the family has made a recent shift in their production. We got the chance to have a conversation with Sara Tománek, daughter of Joe Tománek, […]

DIY Gardening: Herbs

In the past Local Llano has detailed several recipes sure to impress even the pickiest of food critics with ingredients from our very own local producers. In this new blog series, DIY Gardening, Local Llano shares how easy it is to grow your own food. Start small with Local Llano in this installment as we […]

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