Goat is the GOAT: Celebrating an Overlooked Festive Meat

By George Stern (Lubbock, TX) Another holiday season reels boozily towards its close, boasting the usual carnivore’s cornucopia: lamb, ham, duck, goose, roast (of beef or pork), turkey… But no goat anywhere, and this Jamaican, by way of Texas, by way of Florida, is disappointed. Again. I like to imagine that the first person ever […]

Golden Spread Farmer’s Market: Amarillo’s oldest farmer’s market

By Hattie Robb     A collective of growers and cottage food producers located within 150 miles of Amarillo, Golden Spread Farmer’s Market is dedicated to promoting local foodsheds and providing the best produce to the area. Originating over thirty years ago, Golden Spread is Amarillo’s oldest and largest true farmer’s market. The market was […]

Schaffer Farms: family farm focuses on community supported agriculture

By Hattie Robb The year 2020 was filled with unfamiliar changes for families, businesses, schools and communities across the nation. After closing their gym during COVID-19, Blair and Blanca Schaffer traded in their dumbbells for some soil and started Schaffer Farms. “During COVID, it became challenging to get food and other supplies, so we started […]

Local Producer Series: Tir Bluen Farm

“If we take care of the soil to start with, the land will take care of us.” Meet Justin Trammell, owner of Tir Bluen Farms in Amarillo, TX. Justin is a young farmer well versed in the world of regenerative agriculture and eco-farming in the Texas Panhandle. “These are relatively new terms. However, I believe […]

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