The Slow Food Movement

Started by Carlo Petrini in Italy, the slow food movement was started to change the way people think about food. In a day and age where fast food is a commodity to the busy business class family, the movement wants you to reestablish your connect with good, clean food. The goal is to reenter your kitchen, and make meals with fresh ingredients, in an attempt to promote the local ecosystem. It focuses on the promotion of small businesses, as well as encouraging the defense of biodiversity.


Sure, stopping at a fast food chain on the way home from work, might be convenient, but it’s not good for your health. These kinds of food are loaded with chemicals and ingredients that aren’t fresh. The slow food movement wants you to realize that stepping back in the kitchen doesn’t have to be a hassle, and will start a path to a healthier lifestyle. Slow down and enjoy your food.

Slow food isn’t just about food, it a lifestyle. The first step is to stop buying pre-made foods; start cooking fresh meals from scratch. Avoid buying anything that is processed or you aren’t sure how they have brought to you. A good start is to compile some recipes you want to try out. Look for ones that require lots of fresh produce.  If you are new to cooking, try some simple recipes to start. There are a lot of tools out there to help you learn how to prepare your food and how to incorporate slow food into your life.

Local produce means you don’t have to worry about how they traveled to get the grocery store or where they came from. This can be a reassuring thing; you know that the food that is going in your body is straight from the farm to your table.

The ingredients that you purchase should be clean and preferably local. Check out your local farms market, or even start growing your own. This ensures you not only know where you are getting your food from, but it is better for the environment. Fresh food will taste better, and is better for your body, as well as, your soul.

A great thing about the slow food movement is you can even grow your own food. Try starting a garden with some vegetables and herbs–you will get the freshest ingredients for all your meals. This could be a fun activity with your kids. Show them how they can grow their own vegetables and take them right into the kitchen to prepare them for that night’s meal.

The slow food movement isn’t just about dinner, try packing a healthy lunch for your work day as well. Soups, sandwiches, and leftovers are great options to take to work. Along with some fruit you will have a filling, healthy lunch.

If you are looking to bring the slow food movement into your life, check for a group near you. These local groups are called convivium, and while you don’t have to join to follow the slow food movement, it is always nice to talk to people with similar interests. There are plenty of ways to get information on the slow food movement, on the internet or even in books. 

As for us at Local Llano, we’re adopting the Slow Food Movement by committing to eating one meal made from local ingredients this farmer’s market season. Click the image below to join our pledge and slow down your meals:

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