The Local Squeeze: Wine Not?

Fall is upon us. Winds are getting chilled, leaves are thinking of falling off of their branches, and the clouds are rolling in. As we willingly cross the threshold into the new season, what better way to kick off your soon-to-be chilly nights by the fire than to get a good list of where to get delicious, and local, wine?

It’s easy to understand the merit in shopping at farmer’s markets and buying local produce.  The fragile nature of fruits and vegetables calls for consumers to be weary of buying produce grown out of town, since shipping and unnaturally elongating the lifespan of perishable crops involves dangerous chemicals.  When our shopping ventures switch from produce to wine, though, many consumers don’t subscribe to the same concept, because wine is not a fresh ingredient and transports well. 

Despite wine being a portable product, there are several compelling reasons to support local wineries.  Local wineries use fresh ingredients that are specific and unique to the town in which they are produced, adding a special quality to your beverage.  Shopping for locally sourced wines also helps to alleviate our carbon footprints, since less shipping means fewer hydrocarbons burned for the shipping process (“Buying Local Wines” 1).  But besides increasing the quality of your wine and shopping in a way that’s environmentally friendly, the most exciting reason to buy local wines is the community strengthening that occurs when we make an effort to support local businesses.


Wine connoisseurs and occasional drinkers alike will be  pleased with the local wines offered from the fabulous wineries around the south plains! Here are some wineries right here in the Llano Estacado that you should check out:


Llano Estacado – Lubbock, TX

Caprock Winery – Lubbock, TX

McPherson Cellars Winery – Lubbock, TX

Pheasant Ridge Winery – Lubbock, TX

Bar Z Winery – Canyon, TX

Sprayberry Winery – Midland, TX

Bingham Family Vineyards – Meadow, TX



Next time you’re looking for a fun night out, or are searching for a fine bottle of wine, be sure to shop from any of these wonderful, local wineries. And stay tuned for more of our Local Squeeze blogs as we check out our wineries first hand!

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