The Local Bite:  575° Pizzeria

575° Pizzeria is an Amarillo local favorite. Anyone you ask will tell you that before you do anything else, you HAVE to try this pizza.




575° Pizzeria started out as a small idea when a pizza company ended up for sale. Brian Kelleher, owner of 575°, told us that ten years ago when they had the opportunity, they just went for it. After all, Brain had experience within restaurants—including bar & grill management, and Joe’s Crab Shack—and loved it!


Mr. Kelleher told us that, after getting into the service industry, he particularly enjoyed the interactions with guests. While he builds his pizza empire, he takes pride in employing incredible people who live with a “servant’s heart”. He leads his team with impeccable service in mind as well as making a family out of the workplace.


When asked about being named the best pizza not only in Amarillo multiple times, but having national recognition, Brian Kelleher shrugged as if that’s not what it’s about for him. He is interested in connecting with the young people in his community. Being the owner of a restaurant, interactions with younger employees are inevitable, but he goes above and beyond with his lead in a local college ministry.


Along with his work family, Brian Kelleher is married, and the two have three beautiful girls together. He hopes one day that his pizza endeavors will supply for the future of his family whether to pass on or provide sufficiently for the lives of his girls.


When Brian and his business partner first came across the space of the original 575° Pizzeria, it was just a little hole in the wall former hair salon in Amarillo. They ended up gutting out the whole space and making it completely their own with the help of Brian’s sister-in-law who he described as an architect with an eye for line and design.


Brian’s father loves wine, and Brian loves beer so along with incredible pizza, you can find a beautiful list of wines by the bottle and glass, beer by the bottle and pint and you can even buy a case right there in the shop! 575° Pizzeria has a unique wine and beer license that allows them to sell by the case—making life just a little bit easier for us pizza lovers who need a case of whatever beer we just tried!




Not only do they serve amazing pizza, but 575° is also rather involved in the community. In both of their locations, the stores are decorated with bicycles. Bicycles that hang, upside down bicycles, bicycles that are built right into the wall, the 575° logo even has a bicycle incorporated right into the logo. 575° hosted a bicycle pub crawl eight years ago that 150 people rolled up to and blew the minds of the staff, and they’ve been doing it ever since.


The Bicycle Pub Crawl raises money for “bike-themed charities” that vary from year to year. Like AMBUCS who, according to their website, is “dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities”. Brian said that they recently switched focus to a new charity, One Chair at a Time who is developing the “growth of adaptive sports participation.”



You can find more great shots like this on their Facebook and Instagram!


Though it’s tough in Amarillo to get just what ingredients they need on their pretty pizza locally, Brian gets as much as he can, as fresh as he can get it. You can expect a fresh piece of pizza with fresh ingredients every time you visit. We suggest ordering everything with their fresh cut pepperoni that is charred ever-so-slightly for the perfect pizza crunch!


Don’t miss out on the humblest best pizza in Amarillo. You can find 575° Pizzeria at their Hillside location or mosey into their original Civic Circle location from 11-9 on Monday through Thursday, and 11-10 on Friday and Saturday.

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