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There’s a lot going on in the Llano Estacado region. Farmers market season has officially kicked off and many of us are growing our own gardens, wether they be new container gardens or well-established longtime gardeners. There are several new farmers markets popping up that will bring even more access to local foods. (We’ll give you the scoop on those tomorrow! Stay tuned!)

Local Llano is also undergoing a few changes. We’re redesigning our website (SO EXCITED TO SHOW YOU!) and really evaluating how we can be a resource to you and truly experience our foodshed. We have so much to be thankful for here on the Llano Estacado. 

You may have noticed a little popup on the right side of your screen to take our Taste the Llano pledge. For years, we’ve preached the benefits of eating local. We’ve introduced you to countless local producers who raise amazing products. We’ve toured the region and brought you the inside scoop on local food, farmers and community. 

Taste the Llano is the culmination of our local food movement.

This season, we’re calling you to action.

Here’s the pledge guidelines:               

  • Take the pledge. That was easy.
  • Commit to making one meal a week that is made entirely of local ingredients (with the exception of spices, oils, flour, etc.) or ingredients you’ve grown yourself.
  • Share photos of your local meals on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… whatever social media platform you prefer! Just tag us using the hashtag #TasteTheLlano or @LocalLlano and we’ll share with the Local Llano community!

We’ll be there with you through every step. We’ll share local recipes every week to inspire you. We’re putting together activities for your kiddos to participate too. We’ll share our tips and tricks to making the most of local foods wether you’re on a tight budget, always on the go, or a microwave cook. We’re here to make this the best summer yet.


Tell your friends to take the pledge too, by reposting the image above (right click to download) with the hashtag #TasteTheLlano.

Click to tweet:

Tweet: I pledge to #tastethellano. We're committing to make one meal a week with local ingredients. Want to join? Sign up with @LocalLlano. I pledge to #tastethellano. We’re committing to make one meal a week with local ingredients. Want to join? Sign up with @LocalLlano.

Every week, we’ll pick a winner of someone who shares a photo of your locally-sourced meal on social media using our hashtag. 

Take our pledge and let’s get cooking.

Let’s Taste the Llano.


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