Talltex Beef-Dalhart, TX

Talltex Beef, in Dalhart, TX, is owned by David and Christine Meyer. They are a relatively new business that is growing fast and has a lot to offer: grass-fed beef, sheep, and several crops including black-eyed peas, sunflowers, and milo. David explains that he can’t keep enough lamb sausage around! (It’s very yummy). People come from all over for their black-eyed peas: they can pick their own and leave the money for it in a box on top of a harvesting rake set up in the field.

Talltex is named after David, himself (he is 6’6’’). He hopes that one or several of his boys will be interested in maintaining the name and tradition of the business.

They started raising grass-fed beef after it became very popular in the panhandle region. People were asking for it so, they gave consumers what they wanted!
David says, “It’s amazing to see how far people come to get these peas. One lady comes clear from Houston and picks peas and takes them back in several pillowcases to carry back on the airplane.”

Be sure and stop by Talltex beef to taste-test the lamb-sausage, or pick up some tasty black-eyed peas!

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