Sweet on You, Honey

Love is in the air, but what to get the apple of your eye?! Local Llano is recommending some satisfyingly delightful HONEY this February! Honey is not just a cute pet name for your significant other or a sweet treat. It has a good deal of medicinal value as well as nutritional benefits. Children older than two years of age (children younger than 2 years of age do not have matured digestive systems) and adults can benefit from it’s antibacterial and antifungal properties. Honey is obviously a great natural sweetener, but Local Llano is going to give you the scoop on a few more of honey’s equally sweet applications.


Pour Some [Honey] On Me

Honey may not soothe a broken heart this Valentine’s Day. However historically, honey was  used to treat wounds up until penicillin was discovered in the early twentieth century. Honey can also rid you of dandruff. Mix honey with a splash of warm water and apply your homemade, organic hair mask solution every other day or so. The results can be subtle at first, but results are sure to follow.

Ready To Bumble [Bee]

Honey is also great way to boost your energy. Feeling tired before or after your new year’s resolution induced workout? Honey is a great, organic replacement for expensive pre-workout. All you have to do is mix honey into either some warm water or warm tea and you have yourself a completely organic “time-release fuel”.

Bee Ready

Love is in the air, but so is pollen… Don’t let your allergies get the best of you this spring. Instead opt for a teaspoon of honey each day and watch those symptoms slip away! Think of this method similar to simple flu prevention methods. Honey will introduce tiny amounts of allergens into your system with every teaspoon. There will not be enough allergens in the honey to make you feel any effects, however your immune system will pick up on these allergens. After sometime you will have built up a natural immunity. They key to this is only buying locally made honey. These allergens are similar to the allergens in your area. Honey from a different area is not guaranteed the same natural immunity. See the local producers’ List below for honey in your area!


Apple Country Orchards (Idalou, Texas)

Honey’s Farm Fresh (Amarillo, Texas)

Pereira Pastures Dairy (Abernathy, Texas)

Creek House Honey Farm (Canyon, Texas)

Thanks for reading, check out these local producer’s for all your honey needs this spring and the next!

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