Staying Clean with Kathy

By Daniel Colunga

Recently at a farmer’s market in Pampa, Texas, I came across Kathy Caraway who owns Bar C Soaps. Taking care of your body is very important. Compared to chemical based body soaps that you find in a bottle; 100% all-natural body soaps are much heathier and efficient when caring for your body. The only problem is that these all-natural soaps are usually hard to find. Thankfully, Kathy can get you all-natural handcrafted soaps through her local business. 

Kathy lives in Panhandle, Texas where she handcrafts body soaps from goats’ milk. Times became challenging for her when she was laid off twice due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Hoping that the pandemic would blow over soon, Kathy wanted to find a way to help pass time. She began searching the internet for hobbies. Soon she found the idea of making soaps from goats’ milk. This fit her perfectly. Kathy’s family has always raised plenty of goats. Having the right materials for it, she and her grandkids decided to give it a try. After researching and experimenting with the new product, Kathy and her grandkids had a lot of fun with the project.

Finding joy in this hobby pushed Kathy to take it to the next level. She decided to jump into neighboring farmer’s markets. She has always loved helping at community events in her hometown. So, she thought it would be great for her to help other communities as well. After her first couple of farmer’s markets, Kathy stated how it brings a sense of joy to see communities happy with her soaps. She stated, “It feels amazing supplying communities with all-natural soaps that you cannot find easily.” 

In the oncoming future, Kathy plans on staying local. Attending farmers markets close by to her home and family. She also plans on making organized gift baskets loaded with her products for Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and other various occasions. So, if you know anybody that would be very interested in products from Bar C Soaps, do not be shy to send them in Kathy’s direction. 

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