Staying Busy with T’s Kitchen: Tori Minick Edwards

By Daniel Colunga (OC Local Foodshed Intern, Silverton, TX)

Most people in Turkey, Texas stay busy with one main job. However, this is not the case for local food producer, Tori Minick Edwards. For several years, she owned and operated the Caprock Courier Newspaper. After selling it, she began to work for the Childress, and Paducah EMS. In addition to this, she is a volunteer firefighter and EMT alongside her husband, which is the fire chief at Turkey VFD. She also stays very busy with her two kids that are involved in sports, and other events held at Valley ISD. Finally, to top all of this off she became a local food producer to her community. 

It all started as a small hobby, that soon grew into something bigger. When the COVID shutdowns began, Tori and her kids planted seeds to pass time and possibly create a hobby. Seeing the seeds grow was fun to watch for the kids, so they shortly bought vegetable plants, and began to grow them. Their garden grew tremendously with tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, and okra. Not only that, but they also make homemade jams, jellies, and pickles. In the spring and summer time she sells all these fresh grown products to her community online through Facebook, and at surrounding farmers markets as well. 

When asked what other benefits, other than profit, are gained from being a local food producer, she stated joy and happiness. Starting this small hobby at first brought her family together during the pandemic. It also makes the family happy being able to supply their community with freshly grown products. The closest place to get groceries is close to 30 minutes away. So, just by caring for their garden the Edwards family is helping the Turkey community tremendously. 

Tori is proud to say her, and the family will continue to supply their community through T’s Kitchen in the future. She will be at the Quitaque Farmers Market on July 17th, selling many vegetables the family grows. So, if you are in the area be sure to stop by and visit Tori, and the Edwards family. You can also find her by visiting her Facebook. I believe that everyone can learn a few tips from Tori and the Edwards family on how to help your own community.

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