Ramel Family Farms

Location: Raton, NM

Two brothers, Hassan & Kayvan, Tamie, and Faith all run this farm together. Everyone is a beginning farmer and originally from another state (i.e. Nebraska, California), having chosen the small, historical mining community of Raton as home.

They grow a mix of field crops and indoor production. With esoteric varieties of pumpkin, like Scarface, and more ubiquitous crops of lettuces, tomatoes, and sweet corn, they are always tinkering and exploring new avenues and their associated challenges with growing. Ramel Family Farms sells to a few retail outlets, such as the Trinidad Co-op up in Colorado and their own storefront in downtown Raton (The Heirloom Shop), with the hopes of getting into regional schools in northeast New Mexico and southeast Colorado.

You can find more about them at their Facebook.

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