Planting Season Has Arrived at South Plains Food Bank GRUB Farm

It’s the first planting of the season at the South Plains Food Bank GRUB Farm! Each year, as spring approaches, the GRUB farm is anxious to host volunteers of all ages. To kick off the 2017 planting season, volunteers ranging in age from four to 56 years old pitched in to plant flowers in flats and dig high tunnels in the greenhouses, preparing to plant lettuce, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower.


GRUB-farm.jpgPablo, Dom, and Carla pitch in to help dig trenches for the high tunnels before securing tarp.

What some people may not know is that the GRUB farm produces and harvests fruits, vegetables, and flowers that can be purchased by the public year round. The farm also makes soaps, jellies and jams, available at economically friendly prices. What flavors do they produce, you ask? The list of jams readily available include jalapeño, apricot, plum, and BACON. Yes, you read that right.

If you are ever looking for a chance to get your hands dirty, make friends or learn more about food production on the Llano, look no further than the GRUB farm. The GRUB stands for “Growing Recruits for Urban Business.” The program focuses on teaching young adults, ages 14 to 21, work ethic and job skills that can be transferred from the farm to the work force outside of SPFB. Students and workers get to work on the 5-acre Carolyn Lanier Youth Farm. The work includes gardening, soil preparation, irrigation system maintenance, planting and harvesting plants, and marketing the produce. They also offer nutrition courses, leadership classes and more: all available on Saturday mornings.

Ask any of the staff, pictured below, and they will tell you that the sense of community and knowledge of local food production begins with youth. Let’s do our part in supporting local producers, and encourage youth development along the way! Oh…and it doesn’t hurt to have fresh produce at your fingertips either!

staff-grub-farm.jpgPictured, left to right: David Weaver (CEO), Lynn Weir (FOG Director), Sandy Garcia (GRUB Director),Koozie Bacio (GRUB Assistant), Aaron Shehan (Farm Manager).


For more information about the South Plains Food Bank and how you can volunteer, visit their website or call Lynn Weir or Sandy Garcia at 806-763-3003.

grub.jpgOur new pal, Jacelyn, only four years old, volunteers on most Saturdays with her two brothers and older sister. Jacelyn is a true-grit gardener ahead of the game!



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