Pheasant Ridge Winery

Pheasant Ridge Winery is as fine as. . . well, it’s wine. Really, really, good wine. It’s Buddy Holly and The Crickets to the Beatles. It’s Waylon Jennings to Plainview. It’s a living legend to the South Plains and our wonderful state of Texas.



Thanks to owner and winegrower, Bobby Cox, Pheasant Ridge had a legendary part in placing Texas wine among the best in the world. In 1986, Pheasant Ridges’ 1983 Cabernet Sauvignon received the first gold medal ever awarded to a Texan red wine in the San Francisco International Wine Competition.  The awards and notoriety only continued to grow afterward with a plethora of international awards and placements among the nation’s most notably approbated wine lists and restaurants.


Cox has committed his life to vineyard management and development for the past twenty years and we are all so thankful that he chose to help trailblaze the Texas High Plains.


Unlike other wineries in Lubbock, Pheasant Ridge is “100% Estate”. In other words, All Pheasant Ridge wines are produced from their own vineyards and picked with their own hands. Pheasant Ridge wines are also aged to the Winemakers palate instead of a schedule. So what you drink out of the bottle is exactly what the Winemaker wanted you to taste.


In addition to their remarkable wine, Pheasant ridge is a beautiful place to enjoy time with your friends and family. I recommend starting with a round of wine-tasting, then enjoying a bottle of your favorites with friends. They occasionally have parties and seasonal celebrations that you don’t want to miss. Stay updated via Facebook, Instagram, or their website for scheduled events.


Furthermore, Pheasant Ridge offers a wine club membership that provides you with 3 hand-picked wines and other goodies every quarter. You can pick-up your quarterly shipment at their pick-up parties or have it shipped directly to your front door. The club presents additional discounts and opportunities to purchase from their limited supply of fine aged cellar wines.
According to their website, you can buy Pheasant Ridge Wine at Ollie’s Liquor on 34th St. Monday – Saturday from 10 AM – 9 PM and at the winery on Fridays from 3 – 8 PM and Saturday – Sunday from 12 – 7 PM, or you can order online. Pheasant Ridge Wine can be found on wine menus at The West Table, Las Brisas Southwest Steakhouse, and La Sirena in Lubbock.





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