Panhandle Microgreens

Borger, TX

In the middle of a business building in Borger, Texas, sits the office of Panhandle Microgreens owned and operated by Dustin Higby. There was no lack of excitement from this Air Force veteran to show me around the entire building! Once you meet Dustin, it is easy to see how his passion keeps the vision of Panhandle Microgreens alive and strong.

“I worked in the hospitals (after serving in the Air Force) and saw people getting sick with the same aliments,” Dustin explained as he took record of the current microgreen stock. “I wanted to change the diets of Borger as I felt like people’s lack of necessary vitamins was what caused some issues with my patients.”

He is a man of the people. Dustin spends what time he isn’t growing micro greens hitting the pavement, and spreading the word about his micro greens health benefits. “My boots are worn out because I still spend hours walking around the neighborhoods telling people about microgreens,” he laughs. “I have taste test days every Monday at my shop so people can try them and see what the different kinds taste like.”

Conveniently, when I visited it was a Monday so we got to taste a lot of his product. Personally, this reporter is a fan of chives and green onion, so no surprise I loved the Leek Microgreens. I was sold on the robust and delicious taste of onion and was already concocting different recipes I could incorporate them into for a punch of flavor.

“The broccoli microgreen is the best one for people to be eating. It has all the daily vitamins people need and you barely even taste it!”

Dustin was right. You couldn’t taste anything significant, which makes it a great microgreen to throw into any dish. Many times when I ate microgreens at home I would throw it on my spaghetti. There is a wide variety of microgreens he is selling, and there is even one, Purple Osaka Mustard, that taste like horseradish! 

“I want to heal my community,” Dustin says as we explore outside the building to find what weeds one could eat. “I know this is how I can help. I am so passionate about this, and teaching people about the benefits. I even donate some to people who are not sure they can afford it. I want everyone to have access to a healthier diet.”

If you are considering a healthier lifestyle then adding microgreens is one way. If you use Dustin’s? Well, you will be rest assured that his business is Panhandle local, family-operated, and with a worthwhile mission statement we could all get behind.

Tip: If you have a simple dish and want to add some color? Throw Dustin’s Broccoli microgreens on it. It can go in noodles, and bread, and is even a great pizza topping!

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