One Year Later: Tir Bluen Farm

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 2.49.38 PMThis week’s Farm Feature is one of Ogallala Common’s former interns, Justin Trammel with Tir Bluen Farm. Tir Bluen is an organically minded farm that has pasture-raised chickens, pigs and sheep. Justin also produces an abundant amount of vegetables.

Tir Bluen isn’t just your average farm; they raise old heritage breeds. His sheep are originally from New Mexico, and are called Dahl Sheep their ancestry stems from the Spanish settlers in the 1400’s over time the Dahl Sheep became super adaptable to our part of the country and are pretty resilient to disease and worms, they shed their own wool and graze on all things green. The hogs on the farm are called KuneKune a breed originated in New Zealand smaller in size, long-haired pig, they are grazing hogs that produce red pork meat. Jersey Giant chickens roam in-between the hog pens and the sheep pens are mainly raised for meat, but also lay a few eggs a year.

whitJustin has a “CSA” Community Supported Agriculture program which operates a lot like bountiful baskets. With this program, folks in the Amarillo and Canyon area sign up to receive fresh vegetables once a week, and or receive a variety of meat in the same type of way, but once a month. There is no contract, so if someone doesn’t want this service, they can opt out at any time. There is more information on Tir Bluen’s Facebook page.

tb2You can find Justin with his Tir Bluen trailer every Saturday in Canyon at the Farmer’s Market from 8am-12pm. Justin is very proud of the work he is doing by proving the community with fresh vegetables and quality meat. He is always willing to give farm tours, so don’t be afraid to contact him if you are interested in seeing Tir Bluen! Visit the website here:

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