Morgan Farms – Midland Plants and Produce

The Morgan family started their farm business in Midland some twenty years ago due to their love of farm fresh eggs. Store bought eggs never tasted the same as those from their own chickens. They
then started growing their own vegetables and felt the same about their produce. It tasted so much fresher and flavorful than that from the grocery store! They expanded their garden and began experimenting with different varieties of vegetables that grow well in the Permian Basin area. They began producing more than their family could consume and decided they wanted to share the freshness and deliciousness of their farm with their neighbors and community.

The Morgan’s began selling at the Midland Downtown Farmers Market about ten years ago and continue to be regular vendors. They also vend at the Parks Lagado Farmers Market located in Odessa during the summer months. The family also opened their own plants and produce store at 3412 SCR 1130 in Midland. Their store is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

The Morgan’s are greatly known for their delicious strawberries grown from February to June. They allow families to visit their farm and pick their own strawberries, which is a wonderful experience
for children to see where and how their food is grown! The family also grows and sells an array of seasonal vegetables, potted flowers, and succulents. While Midland Plants and Produce has evolved into a profitable business, the love of gardening
is still what the Jaime Morgan loves most about it.

“Every morning I go to my garden to work and I feel so peaceful and thankful,” she says. “My
plants just need little things but give me flowers and food. Every Friday night I prepare my plants and
produce for farmers market, and I’m always so excited to share my beautiful flowers and tasty
vegetables with the community!”

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