Local Squeeze: Caprock Winery

During the winter months, there’s only one thing that will warm you up enough to enjoy the season: wine.

IMG_6851.jpgIf you’re like us, you search for the best of the local best. There are plenty of local wineries that produce delicious wine from grapes grown all around our Llano Estacado!


We had the chance to spend some time at a local Lubbock winery, Caprock Winery and we were nothing but impressed!


We talked with Tim Abascal who is the winery’s in-house sommelier! And Caprock just so happens to be the only winery around here with an in-house sommelier. When you visit Caprock for a tasting or tour, he can tell you everything you need to know about the place and every sip you take. Caprock even offers classes called Wine 101 where you can soak up all of the wine knowledge you can!


Tim shared with us that Caprock Winery was opened in 1988 by a team of professors turned winemakers. He explained that the chemistry of wine making is very particular and that the team at Caprock had it down to a tee.


When the winery first opened, it was named Teysha Cellars. Teysha is an Indian word used for friendship. You can find a beautiful carving indicating the “Teyshan” heritage as you enter the building.



Having since changed ownership, Caprock now is owned by Tommy and Jana English and has received a large upgrade! There’s now a gorgeous bridal suite that we just couldn’t resist. They also have a new groom’s room, complete with private patio for cigars and wine.



We had the chance to take a look around the facility with Tim and were nothing astounded by the size and beauty of the entire place. The fields filled with gorgeous vines open in the middle for a lit walkway and an opening in the middle of the field for being married.

IMG_6817.jpg     IMG_6818.jpg


The inside of the facility is where the magic happens. There are rows of humongous machines that take the grapes through the long process that is winemaking. Looking down into the tanks where the wine ages was terrifying, to say the least!

IMG_6819.jpg IMG_6822.jpg IMG_6821.jpg IMG_6837.jpg

We got to see the packaging room which holds another giant machine that labels and corks the wine in under FIVE seconds, and the chemistry room where they crunch all of the numbers and equations to get just the right wine.


We even got to watch the grapes get tossed around before being made into wine!


IMG_6831.jpg IMG_6834.jpg IMG_6830.jpg IMG_6833.jpg


Caprock is the perfect place to have any celebration. There’s beautiful art on every wall, and beautiful furnishings to every beautiful room.

IMG_6844.jpg     IMG_6868.jpg

Caprock hosts weddings, birthdays, holiday parties and more! You can visit their website—that is updated all the time to stay current—call to talk to someone about booking a party, or just stop by for a tasting!


The winery also holds a “Music Meets Wine” night every Thursday 6-9 PM hosted by Lubbock’s own Junior Vasquez! Live music is always a good time, and with Junior Vasquez and guest musicians and wine, there’s nothing that could go wrong.


Needless to say, we recommend the tour and tasting at Caprock with no doubt! Stop by their Tasting Room Tuesday – Thursday 12:00 – 5:30 PM and Friday/Saturday 12:00 – 6:30 PM and get your wine on!


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