(Local) School Snacks

Let’s face it, snacks are important. To a kid, snacks are an irreplaceable delicacy. Unfortunately, a lot of the snack foods available today are packed with preservatives and lacking in basic nutrition.

But don’t fret! We have some ideas for whipping up healthy, local (and not to mention delectable) snacks to send—or eat—with your kids!



Trail Mix

This might be the most obvious of homemade snacks, but trust us—you can spice up any trail mix with a little dip! Grab some local yogurt and give your local nuts a dip to give your trail mix a bang of flavor.



French Fries

A general favorite amongst the masses. All you have to do is substitute the potatoes with some sliced carrots! Find a recipe here to make your own!



Fruit & Veggie Chips

One of our favorites here at Local Llano. Dried and baked fruit or vegetable chips! They’re easy as pie and just as delicious. We found this great recipe for apple chips—easily made with a few of your favorite local apples.

If you missed our blog on DIY veggie chips you can find it here!



Zucchini Bread

Another Local Llano favorite! Local zucchini is easy to come by, and even grow yourself. Check out this recipe for zucchini MUFFINS. These will keep well in the freezer to pop in a lunch or take on the go.



Fruit Rollups

The classic snack that every kid loves—reinvented.



Cheese Crackers

Your kids can make these crackers. It’s incredibly easy and they’ll love the flavor-loaded crunch as well as all of the cool shapes they made!


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