Local Producer Series: Smiling Coyote Farms

Local Llano has begun a producer series for an in-depth look into the farmers, vendors and more of the Llano Estacado region. Get to know your producers on a more personal level. In this edition, Smiling Coyote Farm, a small farm-to-table producer of chemical-free, high quality fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Woody Williams, the proprietor of Smiling Coyote Farm, meticulously handcrafts in small batches his favorite artisanal herb and spice blends as well as a select few herbal and spice teas.

Smiling Coyote Farm's spice rack

How did ‘Smiling Coyote Farm’ start out?

I began gardening in middle school. The first produce I ever sold was a batch of organic spinach in 1973 in the Dallas area. Then I moved up into the panhandle and began my own organic farm.

What is your favorite recipe to make with your signature spices?

My favorite, right now anyway, is sautéed locally and organically grown yellow squash and chilies with my own ‘Sizzling Southwest’ spice blend.

What is the story behind the coyote on your logo?

The coyote is actually a friend! We call him Little Brother and he stops by to visit during the winter months. He is by no means tame, however he is used to us— at least comfortable enough to sit outside with us, talk about the day, and have his picture taken.

Which one of your spice blends is the most popular among Smiling Coyote Farm’s customers?

‘Sizzling Southwest’ by far sells out more times than any other spice blend that I sell year-round. I think it’s because it compliments the taste of the region and goes with just about anything. ‘House Creole’ and ‘Old #18 Chile Powder’ are also in the top three favorites from Smiling Coyote Farms.

Does Smiling Coyote Farm practice sustainable farming methods?

Yes, absolutely! All produce is grown pesticide and chemical free. My spice blends do not have added salt, sugar, MSG, preservatives or fillers so it’s all-natural and highly concentrated— a good value in my book. Same can be said for my tea blends.

Do you have any seasonal blends for this fall and winter?

Yes! Smiling Coyote Farms is now selling ‘Bird Rub, ‘Holiday Blend’ (2015), and ‘Pumpkin Pie Spice’. ‘Bird Rub’ hit the shelves as soon as dove season began, but the spice blend is also good with chicken, turkey and duck. ‘Holiday Blend’ is a big hit in seasonal gourds, sweet potatoes, gingerbread, apple cider and eggnog— to name a few.

What does ‘local foodshed’ mean to you?

When I think of ‘local foodshed’, what comes to mind is fresh, flavorful homegrown food and support from your neighbors.

Smiling Coyote

For more about Smiling Coyote Farm and Woody Williams, visit their Facebook and website.

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