Local Producer Series: Double Shovel Christmas Tree Farm


This week, we’re continuing our in-depth look into farmers, vendors and more of the Llano Estacado region. In this edition, Double Shovel Christmas Tree Farm, a family-owned, “choose and cut” Christmas tree farm. The Webbs had been a military family for 25 years beginning in 1987 and have traveled all over the world. Since 2009, the Webbs have been growing Afghan Pines and Fraser Firs to bring the grand tradition of picking Christmas trees to the residents of west Texas. We sat down with Jan Webb to pick her brain about her seasonal labor of love.

Where did the idea of growing Christmas trees come from?

No matter where we moved to in the world we tried to keep the tradition of picking out our own fresh, real Christmas tree for the holidays. We wanted to share this tradition when we settled in west Texas.


Do you only sell Christmas trees?

No, we also sell Fraser fir wreaths, centerpieces and a Double Shovel Christmas Tree Farm ornament for 2015. As of now, we have completely sold out of wreaths that are priced between $14 and $25 due to such high demand this holiday season. The centerpieces are still available, just be sure to call ahead for pricing and availability. The Double Shovel Christmas Tree Farm ornament for 2015 features the Double Shovel brand in the center and will only be sold for the 2015 holiday season.

I heard one of Santa’s friends comes to visit, is this true?

Yes! Happy the elf comes every Saturday to visit with the children and hand out candy and coloring books! We also hold scavenger hunts with ornaments scattered throughout the trees and prizes for the kids after they finish.

When is the last day to buy a tree?

Our normal hours are Monday through Thursday by appointment, Fridays from 2pm–5pm, Saturdays from 10am–5pm, and Sundays from 1pm–5pm. The last day to buy a tree is the 20th of December, after that anyone still looking for a tree last minute will have to make an appointment.

What is your favorite tradition of the holidays?

This may come as no surprise, but my favorite tradition is decorating the tree with my family. We have ornaments from everywhere we have visited or lived throughout the years and it’s always fun to look back at all those memories.


Local Llano encourages you to choose a real tree for this holiday season. Real trees have an irreplicable scent and feel. For every unique tree that you cut down, another tree is immediately planted. Here is a basic plant biology lesson for all of you is trees take carbon dioxide out of the air and replaces it with oxygen. So cutting down a tree for your holiday tradition will not harm the environment, if anything it only encourages more production.

And as always buy locally.

You can find Double Shovel Christmas Tree Farm at Hwy 84, Post, Texas 79356 

or reach them by phone at (806) 632-8728

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