Local Gastropub: The Crafthouse

Pineapple Upside Down Donut.
Mac & Cheese W/ Bacon Crust.
The All-American Burger.
French Bread Pizza.
Dry-Aged Ribeye…
Shiner Bock German Chocolate Cake!

If your mouth isn’t watering by now, how about a cold mug filled to the brim with your choice of over 18 freshly tapped brews?

Welcome to The Crafthouse, Lubbock’s authentically eclectic gastropub, serving fine dining, craft beer, and a guaranteed good time.

As I enter through the kitchen to meet with co-owner, Jason Diehl, I’m greeted by chefs and staff busy at work, humming to the edgy sound of 90’s R&B (instantly an A+ in my book).


While Jason wraps up another meeting, I quietly observe the environment, which I so regularly enjoy at Crafthouse Sunday brunch. It’s got a unique English Pub feel: full bar, soccer flags, snowboards, old pictures of breweries, ect.


Jason pulls up a chair and starts in on the history. “Kate couldn’t be here; she’s in Austin. But something I always admired about her was that she was insistent upon opening her own restaurant by age 30.”

Food has always been a passion of Jason and Kate’s. Both attended culinary school, and met in San Antonio, while working as chefs. As a Lubbock native, Kate heard of some prime real estate available on 34th street. The couple moved back and opened their first restaurant, Home Café. Though the café was wildly successful, a bigger family and few employees led to the closing of the Diehl’s first restaurant.


“Well, we had another baby on the way, and the construction on 34th was perfect timing for us to renovate and work on a new business plan. I have a love for craft beer, and we wanted to bring a new taste to the area,” says Jason. With that, The Crafthouse was born.

Perhaps the hidden treasure that sets The Crafthouse apart is that they make everything, and I mean everything, from scratch. “We don’t buy ketchup. We make ketchup. We don’t buy bread. We make bread. We don’t buy mayo…we make mayo.”

And they don’t just make everything from scratch…they make everything from scratch with local products (when available). Um, did someone say ‘support your local business?’

For a taste of local produce, come in to try the Crazy Hoe Strawberry Salad, made from local products from Amanda Brocato at Crazy Hoe Farms.


“When we first opened, it was rough. Our menu is quite different from what is normally served in this area. We are accustomed to the foodies in bigger areas like Houston and Austin. The beer was instantly a hit, but the menu took about two years to take off,” admits Jason.

From personal experience, it’s hard for me to believe that story. The food is delightful! With a menu boasting seasonal foods, you’re sure to enjoy fine dining that is fresh, quality product, with a creative niche served nowhere else in this area.

“There are fine dining restaurants around here, but most are white tablecloth settings. Our goal here is to maintain our edge: a chill atmosphere, welcome to young professionals, families, and anyone who wants to enjoy a cold brew at the end of the day.”

And that’s just what I like about The Crafthouse: It’s a place where you can go relax and try the latest beer on tap, or converse around the table while enjoying a mimosa and Rocky Road Donut on a crisp Sunday morning.


If you’re a Crafthouse newbie, Jason recommends the Texas Burger, a local favorite. Pizza, fish sticks and breakfast items are also popular choices.

“We’ve got loyal customers who come in about three to four times a week and order something different each time. That’s what’s great about our menu. There is always something different and delicious.”

Trust me on this one…you won’t regret a visit to The Crafthouse. Join them for brunch, fine dining, or a Wednesday night keg tap. The gastropub offers chef’s tastings and specials, so be sure to check out the website or social media for regular updates.


Go and get your brunch on, foodies! But get there early…might be a line out the door. Cheers!


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