Local Business Series: The Coffee Shop

coffee.jpgThe land of Lubbock is vast and friendly, with a uniquely quiet downtown atmosphere. Unlike the hustle and bustle of metropolises across America, Downtown Lubbock brings a taste of the Big City, to the “Lil’ Big City.”

On any given weekday, as you stroll down Broadway street, you will be welcomed by lawyers, CEOs, artists, chefs, and farmers. At 1204 Broadway Street, a clean, familiar sign will catch your eye: The Coffee Shop.

Simple and elegant, The Coffee Shop sits nestled on the first floor of what once was Hotel Lubbock. As you walk into the neatly modern coffeehouse, co-owner Lindsay Kerr graciously greets you from the original concierge desk of Hotel Lubbock. The shop smells warmly of espresso, organic herbal teas, and fresh pastries.


Lindsay has a kind and welcoming smile that radiates through the hip vibes of the room. She’s just the gal I would trust to advise me in ordering my morning cup of joe. 

I met Lindsay on a rainy, Fall day to learn about the creation of The Coffee Shop. I eagerly listened as she told the story:

“This building used to be Hotel Lubbock. We (co-owners Cameron and Rachel West, owners of The West Table) are passionate about the revitilization of downtown Lubbock. Rachel found an old postcard, with a diner called ‘The Coffee Shop.’ We wanted to pay tribute to that name,” says Lindsay. “Cameron and Rachel have a simple, clean look at The West Table, so we found it fitting to call it The Coffee Shop. Same colors, same font.”


Cameron, Rachel and Lindsay met during their undergraduate studies at Texas Tech University. “Rachel and I were roommates at Tech. We were always interested in design, customer service, restaurant management…we have a combined 20+ years in the service industry.”

After graduating from Texas Tech, all three left for a few years, to Colorado and larger cities in Texas. Cameron and Rachel married and decided to return home and utilize their skills and passions to contribute to the local economy. They opened The West Table in October 2014.

“With The West Table doing so well, Cameron and Rachel wanted to expand and open the space to be available in the evenings for private events. We noticed that there was no coffee shop downtown, so they approached me to partner in managing The Coffee Shop during the daytime, from 7:30am-4:00pm.”


In December 2016, The Coffee Shop opened, offering free coffee for the first week. “We don’t do much advertising other than Facebook and Instagram. This has been an organic environment. Within the first week, many downtown businesses brought traffic through the shop.”

A convenient location downtown, The Coffee Shop is a hit with local professionals. However, The Coffee Shop also appeals to a younger demographic. “Most of the people you see sitting in here now…they’re college students.”

Perhaps the welcoming environment stems from Lindsay’s background in counseling. “I was a mental health counselor for seven years. I didn’t realize how much of my trade I would be using, managing a coffee shop. But…sometimes I think it makes their day-helping people, making them a warm cup of coffee or their favorite tea. It’s nice.”


When she isn’t at The Coffee Shop, Lindsay can be found teaching yoga: pre-natal yoga classes at UMC, and public classes at The Falls. 

Busy schedules will not deter Lindsay and the West family to expanding The Coffee Shop. “We are going to start opening on the weekends soon. I’ll hire some baristas, and we will start roasting our own coffee as well.” 

When you visit The Friendliest City in America, wander down Broadway, open the door to The Coffee Shop, and order a gourmet coffee with a famous chocolate croissant. You won’t regret it. 

For information, visit www.thecoffeeshoplbk.com, Facebook, or Instragram. You can also email Lindsay to reserve dates for private events. Stay tuned for a feature about The West Table!


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