Llano Estacado Farmers Markets For Kids: Scavenger Hunt

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It’s been a great year on the Llano Estacado for farmers markets. The early season moisture dried up in the nick of time, and we’ve been fortunate enough to get some frequent showers in the midst of our Dog Days. There isn’t much to be desired when it comes to shopping and eating the best local producers have to offer. While many of us can’t complain about our farmers market experience, that might not be the case when it comes to our kids in tow. To them, a farmers market might be a forgettable foray into the doldrums of adulthood. But it doesn’t have to be. (Photo: Pullen Produce, Lubbock)

Getting Kids to Enjoy the Farmers Market

A Farmers Market Scavenger Hunt may be the perfect way. There’s something really fun about the variety available at a local markets. Unlike the grocery store, there’s a rotating number of fruits and vegetables, all offered at the peak of freshness. That’s one reason why this ten question hunt is sure to be a hit. The answers will always be changing from week to week. And after a full-season of playing this game, you’ll likely have an adventurous eater and locavore on your hands.

It’s worth a try.

The Treasured Ten Hunt

This is a great way to let kids practice writing, exploration, and interaction. They’ll be asking vendors a few things on the hunt. Print a copy here.

  1. What’s the biggest veggie or fruit here?
  2. What’s the smallest veggie or fruit here?
  3. Find one food that grows underground:
  4. Find your favorite veggie or fruit, and write why it’s good for you (ask the vendor):
  5. Is there a vendor who farms in your county? Who?
  6. What are your favorite 2 fruits here? Which vendors have them? 
  7. What is your favorite veggie here? Which vendors have them?
  8. Pick out one new thing, just to try it. What did you choose?
  9. Find one fruit or veggie with multiple varieties here. What varieties are there?
  10. If you had to make a pizza, with three fruits or veggies found here, what would you put on it? Draw the perfect slice or pie below:

There are several great markets throughout our region, and the best thing about them is none of them are so big that you’ll easily lose track of your curious hunters. In addition to helping develop social skills, we think its a fun way to begin to think more intently about our body’s nourishment. It’ll bring the realness to our region’s real food experience. 

If you’re looking for an area farmers market to begin your exploration, start by finding one here

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