Llano Estacado CSA: JBT Sustainable Agriculture

We’ve talked a lot about community supported agriculture in recent posts. It’s a great model for eating more real foods, but the benefits are beyond those your body will thank you for. There’s more than physical health to be gained by joining a CSA. We covered some of those advantages in some of our recent blogs found here.

If you’re ready to take the leap, allow us to introduce you to one of the Amarillo/Canyon area CSAs.

Who Is JBT Sustainable Agriculture?

JBT Sustainable Ag is a family-owned business operated by Justin and Whitney Trammel. Their farm is located between Amarillo and Canyon. The family farm is named Tir Bluen which is Welsh for Feather Land. The Trammels named their farm, as is the custom in many parts of the world, to honor their heritage as well as that of the birds they raise.



What Is JBT Sustainable Agriculture?

JBT is a Llano Estacado CSA dedicated to what Justin calls regenerative agriculture. They produce in a holistic way by using grazing livestock, no-till, and varied plant varieties to restore land’s ecology. It’s a long process achieving this type of “ecofarming”, but it’s one the Trammels are committed to. JBT doesn’t use pesticides or herbicides and their standards are beyond “organic”. They offer meat and vegetables and they’re actively experimenting with new methods of sustainable production, especially as it relates to our High Plains climate of extremes.



Where Is JBT Sustainable Agriculture?

JBT’s Tir Bluen farm is located off S. Dowell Rd. They can be found on Saturdays at the Canyon Farmers Market located at the Square. Be sure to follow them on Facebook to find out when the farm is open to visitors. Once you sign up for the CSA, you’ll also be able to touch base with the Trammel’s in the designated drop areas when you receive your allotment of their frequent harvests. They also have an Instagram great for keeping up with the full life-stage of the products they offer.



If you’re looking for a chemical, herbicide, pesticide, and steroid free farm devoted to our area’s holistic ecology, look no further than JBT Sustainable Agriculture’s Tir Bluen Farms. It’s a great move to make for the health of your body and community.

Are there some CSAs that you think we need to know about? Leave a reply at the bottom and let us know about it.


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