Jupiter’s Garden: Amarillo, TX

This week, we were fortunate enough to travel and learn about all new kinds of plants in a small but powerful garden, in Amarillo. Kajsa Mason has been gardening for a few years but recently, she took up medicinal plants, and native plants to expand her garden.

Kajsa has a list of interesting plants, but to name a few: Lemon Verbena (makes delicious tea!), Parsley, Mint, Bee Balm, Mona Lavender, Borage, Blue Queen Salvia, and Passionflower… just to name a few!

Kajsa told us that her interest grew when she started wondering what people did before modern day medicine. She showed us a plant called Yarrow, and it works exactly like a band-aid! It can stop the bleeding if you get a cut, and it can also work like modern-day Tylenol.

jup2We felt so honored to be in Jupiter’s Garden with Kajsa; she has so much to look forward to. She explained to us that one day she wants to own a few acre farms and plant medicinal plants, a few vegetables, and cut flowers for people to come out and make their own bouquets!

Kajsa wants people to know: “Everything around you serves a purpose, and that if you stop and slow down you’ll be able to enjoy what’s around you!”

Look for Jupiter’s Garden at the Farmer’s market in the future!


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