Grandview Granary

By Sammi Lee Davis

The Grandview Granary farm is located in Groom Texas on the farmland Ethan and his family since the 1920s. He is a fifth-generation farmer and took over the property after his grandfather’s death. He, his wife, Veronica, and their two daughters, Isabella and Haddie are one-of-a-kind! They originally got into building a granary after 2020 events that led to them having no access to flour for cooking.

They aim to produce whole wheat flour that is milled so not to take away from the nutrition of the wheat itself. Their mission is to be as affordable and available for all. “We notice some of our competitors are more expensive,” Ethan states as they get their mill ready for packaging an order. “We don’t like getting too expensive and fight to keep our prices as low as possible.”

Veronica beamed about how much care and attention they put into creating a product the way it was meant to be. “When we have shown how our process goes to our inspectors, they are surprised by how we add nothing to our wheat. It really comes from the silo, to the milled and immediately bagged.” They package to order to keep the products’ freshness. Each bag is carefully weighed, sealed and patted lovingly to make sure no air is trapped inside with the flour. I couldn’t help but smile as Veronica pat the bags as if each one was a sweet baby. Their production is a whole family project. Their eldest daughter, Isabella, was quite helpful in inspection and watching with curiosity at the process. “They go everywhere with us,” Veronica laughed as she showed off pictures of their daughters sleeping soundly in her combine.

Their ingenuity in building their mill and the process of their product is beyond what one could imagine possible with such a small team! They are a well oiled machine with a heart of gold. The Weinheimer bunch are truly the nicest people you will meet here in the Panhandle. They are a family with big ideas and an industry changing way to go about providing flour. The wheat itself is milled for specific cooking needs including fine enough for pasta! There really isn’t anything their wheat can’t make while other brand have some limitation.

“We would like to grow,” Veronica states as we are headed back to the house. If their passion for producing flour that is packed with vitamins and no preservatives, I think they could grow-and-prosper immensely! 

You can find their product in the following stores and visit their website for special recipes including this 3 Ingredients High Protein Pasta Recipe!

Fun Fact: They also sell other produce. Right now they have sunflowers growing!

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