Genesis Gardens Homestead

Genesis Gardens Homestead is located in the far east of Tucumcari, NM. This quaint little farm has been in operation for over 30 years by Darrell and Sally Baker. Both Darrell and Sally were born and raised in a farming household and pride themselves in raising their family in the same manner and continuing the traditions.

Genesis Gardens specializes in Green Chile; which is a great New Mexican staple. The Bakers are happy to announce that their fields have been New Mexico Certified by the New Mexico Chile Association. However, this isn’t all that can be found at their home market. They also grow a wide variety of specialty peppers, cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes, okra, decorative corn, onions, garlic, and much more. “Everything grown in our garden is done so by using beyond organic practices,” Darrell says. This means that they use animals to work the ground, plant leguminous crops, and rotate crops each year. These practices help nourish and replenish the nutrients in the soil making for great crops year after year.

They both have been mentors to beginning farmers in the area, sharing their knowledge with future generations of farmers. They host community events such as C.A.S.H. meetings (Conversations, About, Soil, Health) where like-minded people can come together and collaborate about safe and effective farming practices.

You can find Genesis Gardens’ produce at the Tucumcari Farmers Market on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. They also pick to order and serve customers on the farm Monday thru Saturday.

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