Gee’s Family Sweet Corn

DSC_0002Tired of not getting the sweetest corn from the local grocery store? Look no further than Amarillo Texas’s very own sweet corn farm, family owned and operated by Tim and Michele Gee. Gee Family Farm & Sweet Corn promises it is the freshest, sweetest corn you will ever taste!
The Gee’s have owned the farm for about four years now. Purchased from Willie Wieck, all the knowledge the Gee family needed to make their farm a success came from Willie and his wife. Willie designed each piece of farm equipment that is over 30 years old and is still used today. “There are no other corn pickers like it on the market,” Michele explained.

Tim and Michele grow bi-color sweet corn, popcorn (that you can pop right off the ear) and they also grind the popcorn into cornmeal for customers all year long.

DSC_0021The selling season for the Gee’s is middle of July through Labor Day in September. They sell at the local farmer’s markets in Amarillo and Canyon. If you want the freshest sweet corn, visit their farm on Fridays and they will pick it for you and give it to you straight off the picker. It doesn’t get fresher than that!

DSC_0013The Gee farm is truly a family owned/ operated business. Tim and Michele have four boys who love to help out on the farm and then they have a niece who comes out from the east coast and helps, and Michele’s dad also pitches in during picking season.

The Gee family is all about growing the best sweet corn that they can, and also educating the public on where their food comes from. Visit their Facebook page for more info and great photos!

Go get your sweet corn before it’s gone!

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