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Many local gardeners in the Llano Estacado region are currently surrounded by little green sprouts that will soon be transplanted into fertile soil. But for those of us who don’t have the time or space to grow things from seed, or for those things that can’t be grown from seed, browsing for plants to transplant is the next best option.

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We recommend visiting local nurseries that feature plant varieties that are best adapted to the Llano. We will share some suggestions of local nurseries at the bottom of this post, but first we want to share more about choosing a local nursery over going to the nearest chain store.

Better-adapted plant varieties

The owners of local nurseries live and work in the Llano Estacado. They have first-hand experience with our growing conditions. They know which plants are most adapted to lots of sun, hardier in enduring the winds, and more likely to fare well in our arid climate. They also start their seeds right here, rather than having them shipped from another location. This allows you to choose plants that will have the best chance of success in your garden.

Quality customer service

Local knowledge wouldn’t be as valuable without a high level of customer service, and that is usually what you will find at a local nursery. The owners and staff of these nurseries will almost always take the time to answer your questions, give advice, and steer you away from a purchase you might later regret.

Local visits

Another advantage of shopping local is that your nursery is more able to come to your home to assist in larger landscaping projects. Many of these nurseries and greenhouses offer services in designing your landscape and in choosing to xeriscape your home to more efficiently use water.

If you’re interested in trying out a nursery in your area, here is a very small list of local nurseries and greenhouses that we have used, as well as links to their websites and Facebook pages:

Are there other local nurseries in cities and towns across the Llano Estacado that you would recommend?

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