Farmer’s Market Fever

The time has come! Farmer’s Market season is finally here. It’s all we think or talk about now. The fresh tomatoes, onions, cheese, milk, soaps, hand-made trinkets, and everything in between are on my mind. Finally, after over half a year, it’s back in action baby!


First of all, we’re obviously ecstatic for Farmer’s Markets all across the Llano. The local produce, food, plants, herbs, and arts are always fantastic, and their creators are always more than happy to share tips and stories about their product and business. We are lucky to live in a passion-filled region filled with farmers, gardeners, bakers, and artist that are only in business because of their commitment to making their customers and clients happy.


Secondly, the goods aren’t the only things we enjoy. The community and atmosphere Farmer’s Markets on the Llano foster are incredible. I believe that the smells and visuals of the produce and goods bring the best conversation out of people. The curiosity and opportunity to be around other people with the same passion for food is liberating.


Additionally, Farmer’s Markets are a great way to start the weekend with the family. I enjoy getting out with coffee in hand and walking around in the cool of the morning. Alongside the opportunity to talk and learn from the variety of farmers and gardeners that have spent their lifetime honing their craft. It helps that my daughter happens to think gardeners are rockstars, but most kids also enjoy all the sweet treats and the occasional musician playing in the background.

We are thrilled for Farmer’s Market season and wish it would never end. However, it’s just a season so take advantage of it and make it out to as many as you can. I know the vendors will all appreciate the loyalty as they continue to work hard and diligently to create the best produce for us all on the Llano. Local Llano will also be rolling out a downloadable Farmer’s Market guide and recipes to use all your goodies in June at!


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