Eat Locally For Thanksgiving

Fall has truly begun to make itself known this time of year. We hope you all find yourselves safe and warm in the recent chilly temperatures. As you find yourselves indoors this week, it’s a great time to make plans for Thanksgiving dinner that is just around the corner. If you would like fare from the Llano Estacado woodshed grace your table, we’ve compiled a list of some places to find food items for your Thanksgiving meal this year.

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The Main Dish:

Whether you prefer a more traditional main dish, like turkey or ham, or want to venture out with something different, there are many local options available. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can also hunt and cook your own.


  • Paidom: Paidom offers grassfed, locally raised beef, chicken, pork, and lamb.
  • Honey’s Farm Fresh: Honey’s Farm Fresh offers fresh poultry and rabbit.
  • Holy Cow Beef: Holy Cow Beef offers prime cuts of locally raise, grassfed beef.

Side Dishes:

When planning your Thanksgiving meal, one great way to incorporate items from the Llano Estacado foodshed is through side dishes. Consider contacting one of the producers below to see what they have available, and then plan your menu accordingly:


  • MV Produce: The Venhaus’s are equipped to grow even during the cooler months. Visit them for great produce for your table this year.
  • Apple County Orchard: Depending on what their harvest was like this year, Apple Country may have some great items available to create some delicious side dishes.
  • Pereira Pastures Dairy: grassfed milk, butter, and cream are beautiful additions to add depth and flavor to any meal, and Pereira offers some of the best around.
  • Dutch Cheesemaking: as any little one can tell you, cheese just makes everything better–especially when it’s made right in the Llano Estacado. Gouda from the Dutch Cheesemaking family is a delicious way to start any meal or add to a side.

Baked Goods:

baked goods

  • Paidom Meats: Besides offering some of the highest quality meats available, Paidom also offers grains that local bakers can grind and use in their breads and baked goods for Thanksgiving Dinner.
  • Honey’s Farm Fresh: eggs are an important dish to many desserts and baked items. Choose ones that are as nutritionally rich for your family as possible.


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Don’t let your search for Llano Estacado food items end at the dinner table. There are many options for beverages that come from our region as well.

What items from the Llano Estacado foodshed will grace your Thanksgiving table this year? We would love to hear about yours in the comments below!

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