DYI Container Garden: Salad Gardens

Hello Locavores, 


It’s Erin and I’m back with an update on my container garden! I’m successfully growing a total of seven tiny tomatoes and two tiny bell peppers. 




Due to my semi-success in my first garden, a fellow locavore recommended taking my garden to the next level by planting lettuce. He assured me that lettuce is easy for even the most unskilled gardener.


I had a small pot and some leftover soil from my first adventure in gardening, so I decided to give it a try.


Get some seeds.

Red Sail lettuce, Butter Crunch or any heritage variety work best for our region. I was able to find an organic heritage mix at my local Lowe’s Hardware store.



Plant your seeds.

Lettuce or any salad greens only need 1/8 inch of soil sprinkled over them.  If you put more, it will bury the seeds too deep.
Cover seeds lightly and keep moist with a daily watering.


Water everyday.

Remember to water every day for about 2 weeks, to keep the seedlings moist so they will sprout and not dry out.  Also, the greens will grow best with shade from the hot afternoon sun.


Told you that was easy. Best of luck!


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