Creek House Honey Farm-Canyon, TX


Creek House Honey Farm is owned and operated by Paige & George Nester; just east of Canyon, Texas. I sat down with Paige to learn all the tricks and trades of the beekeeping business. I was truly amazed at all the ins and outs of the business. I could’ve sat and listened to her talk about it for hours!

“Bees are extraordinary creatures!” Paige told me. She has created her own skincare and essential oils line using all-natural raw honey from her bees. “Customers who have purchased these products are truly impressed and have written some amazing testimonials and have shown some serious transformations.” She makes lotions, soaps, and now “Bee fizzes,” which is a Creek House Honey Farm version of a bath bomb.

Paige comes from a biology and art background and George, her husband, is a pharmacist. They both started loving the bee business about eight years ago when bees were dying off in the United States. The deep concern led Creek House Honey Farm to be established! Paige says, “When I am looking in a bee hive, I feel closer to God.”

Paige and George have some exciting news to share…they are expanding to a new store! The new facility is being built right now and should be open to the public in September of this year. Paige is very excited about the new storefront, of course; but also, that there will be a teaching classroom for people to come in and take beekeeping classes, learn to make soaps, or just to see what the inside of a hive looks like!

Bee sweet on some local honey and visit Creek House Honey Farm. You won’t be disappointed!

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