Chaparral Cactus & Succulents

Amarillo has plenty of character when it comes to its charm and right outside the busy streets, there is a charismatic little spot called Chaparral Cactus & Succulents. At Chaparral you can find a specialization of cactus and succulents that will thrive in the south plains.

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Family-owned by Valerie and Roger Cathey, along with Tracy Black, the shop is right there in front of their house. Imagine that commute to work, just a few steps away!


When I got there, Valerie came out of her house to meet me with information already in hand to help me with succulent care. With my slight lack of knowledge about keeping succulents alive, it was greatly appreciated when she took the time to teach me.


She took me around the main greenhouse and told me details and growth patterns of each little plant. Her knowledge and dedication to her plants is simply unmatched.


As we walked around, we got a chance to talk about her endeavors in horticulture. She shared with me that she has always had a green thumb and that running their succulent garden is something that she simply loves to do.


The place is huge! Valerie generously took the time to take me through the main garden, around what she plants outside, through the second garden, and even the rock garden!

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After she taught me (almost) everything there is to know about succulents and cacti, I got to talk with her husband, Roger, about his metal work.


Roger recycles metal and repurposes it for art. He makes little insects, animals, stools, wind chimes, and little flowers that I absolutely fell in love with. He is currently working on making items to put together to make up a fence for the front of their property!





The whole day was wonderful—full of great conversation and education about succulents! It was all topped off by their precious dog, Red who will sweetly show anyone around his house! Valerie even gave us a succulent to give away for our #TastetheLlano Challenge and it’s gorgeous!



You can catch Valerie, Red, and the whole crew Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm at Chaparral Cactus & Succulents in Amarillo. Tell them Local Llano sent you!


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