Local Producer Series: Tir Bluen Farm

“If we take care of the soil to start with, the land will take care of us.” Meet Justin Trammell, owner of Tir Bluen Farms in Amarillo, TX. Justin is a young farmer well versed in the world of regenerative agriculture and eco-farming in the Texas Panhandle. “These are relatively new terms. However, I believe […]

Looking Back at 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, it’s fun to look back on all that the past 12 months brought. To celebrate the past year, we’re going to share our top posts of 2014. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them. #5: Pereira Pastures Dairy Located outside of Lubbock, TX, […]

Playa Lakes: Treasure of the Llano Estacado

Our work here at Local Llano serves to help members of our region grow their own food or find local farmers and growers to purchase from, as well as finding local producers who provide baked goods, wine, soaps, beef, eggs, etc. But with the recent blessing of so much rain we have received, we can’t […]

What is the Llano Estacado?

The Llano Estacado is one of the largest mesas on the North American continent, spanning both sides of the Texas-New Mexico state line. Its western boundary is the Mescalero escarpment, just east of the Pecos River Valley in New Mexico (NM). The Canadian River Valley in the Texas (TX) panhandle bounds its northern area, while […]

What is Local Llano?

Why Local Llano? Do you know where your food comes from? Why does it matter? These two questions drive the concept of Local Llano. Local Llano is a concept we coined to highlight our food shed. In short, a food shed is a geographic area where food is produced and consumed (similar to a watershed, […]

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