Canyon Crest Farms-Spearman, TX


Canyon Crest Farms is located in the rural agricultural area of Spearman, Texas. Owned and operated by Donia and Jason Varnon; their mission is to bring fresh produce to their small towns. Donia explained during the interview that because they live in such a rural area, shipping fresh produce is just too expensive: “If the local grocery stores do receive produce, it’s not very fresh which means the nutrients aren’t very good.” So, they decided to take on tomato production and sell them in the local grocery stores, local restaurants, and at the farmers market in Spearman and surrounding areas. The tomatoes are grown hydroponically in coconut husk (soil-like substance).

“It helps conserve water, which here in the Texas panhandle, is a very big deal.” Donia and Jason explained that they are still learning and growing with their farm. The business didn’t grow overnight, and they had to put hours into learning new techniques for growing produce and keeping their greenhouse up to date so they can have the best quality tomatoes. “It was a lot of reading, Pinterest, YouTube videos and trial and error,” Jason said.


Canyon Crest Farms began operating November of last year. They produce quality tomatoes and just recently started growing fresh cut flowers to supply to the local florists. “The flowers weren’t originally planned, but it kind of sprung up naturally. I think it brings not only beauty but also joy to people’s lives.” 


If you like tomatoes…that’s reason enough to drive to Spearman! Don’t forget to follow Canyon Crest Farms on Facebook and Instagram.

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